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Master Moderator | Consultant | On-Air Host | Director | Screenwriter | Instructor

  • Isis monetized Clubhouse and currently runs a successful business moderating and consulting for high grossing individuals, companies and brands on Clubhouse.
  • Djata serves as a consultant to business owners, companies, brands and TV/Film creatives.
  • Isis has Master Moderated large events for some of the biggest names on Clubhouse.
  • Djata scaled her Clubhouse following from 0 to 40K in 8 weeks.
  • Isis is accepting applications for her first live virtual class taking place 5/10 - 5/14/21. During the 5 day class Isis will transform 25 Lucky People into Master Moderators. Go to to Apply.
  • Djata is the founder of Investing While Black (IWB) one of the largest investing/trading clubs on Clubhouse with over 30K+ members.
  • Isis is the Official Master Moderator for Randi Zuckerberg and serves as a Co-Producer for Zuckerberg's the Power of Voice Broadway Shows on Clubhouse.
  • Djata is the owner of Locked & Loaded Films, a full service production company.
  • Isis' professional background is in senior management where she worked as a Director in both the for-profit and non-profit healthcare sectors.
  • Djata has a B.S. in Journalism from Mercy College and a law degree from Southern University Law Center.

6 Steps to a 5-Figure Income on Clubhouse

One success story is Isis Djata, a filmmaker now known as Clubhouse’s Number One Moderator. After initially joining the app in December 2020 to meet other filmmakers, she has leveraged an active presence, and strong moderation skills, to build a five-figure income. She has moderated for Clubhouse stages that include Grant and Elena Cardone, Randi Zuckerberg and Daymond John.

The Oprah Of Clubhouse Isis Djata

Master Moderator and Screenwriter, Isis Djata is taking social media by storm! She has hosted many large events on newly found app, Clubhouse and is gaining popularity quite quickly. Isis had a chance to share with us her career in the screenwriter world and how she adjusted to her new fame as Clbuhouse's hottest moderator.

The Top Influencers Making an Impact on Clubhouse

Isis Djata, 38, is a TV and Film Director, Screenwriter, Producer and Host. She is the first Black female to write and direct an Italian mob show. Today, Djata is known as the Master Moderator on Clubhouse. From curating great conversations to co-producing live shows for Randi Zuckerberg, Djata’s services are in demand. Isis created three courses to teach others how to monetize Clubhouse, and she has a talk show coming to the app. 



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Who Are the Biggest Influencers on Clubhouse?

The main way to navigate Clubhouse is by following other people. Curating a quality list matters, because the app recommends rooms based on who you follow. Following the right people can open doors to new conversations.

Director, Isis Djata Shares Her Transition from Healthcare to Film!

Isis Djata is an empowering woman, who’s story was too inspiring for us not to share. After surviving a head on collision some years ago, Djata decided life was too short. So, she moved on from her senior level career in healthcare to pursue her passion to become a filmmaker.

Highlights From The Mob Mentality NYC Red Carpet Premiere

The series centers on
Carmine “Car” Ponte Jr. (played by Jack Spiegs), the son of a reputed mobster who sets out to change his life once he is released from prison. He seeks revenge on his father’s enemies, leading to a series of unfortunate events that attract nothing but crime and chaos back into his life.

Go Inside The Mob Mentality Pre Launch Party In NYC

The “Mob Mentality” pre-launch party and fundraiser was held last Thursday on March 28th at Legends Bar & Grill in Brooklyn, NY. Mob Mentality is a new television series directed and written by New York native Isis Djata.

Mob Series Featuring Brooklyn Wrestler Opens In Manhattan

500 eager fans filled the SVA Theater in Manhattan on Wednesday, Dec 18th for the exclusive, sold-out red-carpet premiere of Mob Mentality - a gripping new crime series, starring the beloved Brooklyn wrestler Michael Taverna.

Isis Djata’s ‘Mob Mentality’ premiere: ‘I feel the love and support from all communities’

The “Mob Mentality” red carpet premiere took place on Dec. 18 at Manhattan’s SVA Theater. The sold-out event welcomed fans and cast members to view the first two episodes of the highly anticipated drama, followed by a panel discussion with the the cast.

New Series 'Mob Mentality Films In Brooklyn

A crime drama mob series in the making got an early opportunity to strut its stuff, with a pre-launch party and fundraiser on March 28.
The exclusive event showcasing the new “Mob Mentality” series attracted over 150 people to Legends Bar & Grill at 2128 Flatbush Ave., in Marine Park.

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